End of year updates and thank yous...

2016 has been an amazing year. I started it off sketching and painting while traveling in the Patagonia, and am ending it by showing some of the work that has resulted from those experiences, and my nearly 2 years' time living in Chile. The end of the year has been - per usual - a very busy time! I would like to update those who are visiting and take a moment to say thank you to some people: 

At the end of November, we put on a lovely open studio event at Taller K, thank you so much to those who came out to see my work. And to Dresden craft beer for providing their products! We had a fantastic turnout.

This month, my piece "New Hands" has been in the group show "Migration" put on by the FOBEJU foundation in Lo Barnechea, Santiago. Thank you to the Círculo Israelita of Santiago for a beautiful catalogue of the show. 

I was able to participate in a street fair on Orrego Luco in Providencia - thanks to Bazaar Santiago. 

Three pieces of mine will be on display at Daniel's Café in Ñuñoa during the upcoming months-  check them out if you are in the area! And coming soon on the online gallery tiendababel.cl (I will keep you posted!)

My work has been acquired by many new walls - both in Chile and the states. Thank you so much to friends who have supported my work. And to the many new faces I have gotten to meet! It is truly an honor. 

Thank you to Alfonso Fernández, a very talented Chilean artists who opened his home studio to me and has been an amazing friend and support in learning about the art world in Chile. Here is a link to his website: http://www.alfonsofernandez.cl/

Thank you to Klaudio Vidal, another very talented Chilean artist who has always been willing to lend a hand. 

Thank you to Katica Puga & Dani Villalón for their artistic collaboration and friendship.

Thank you to the amazing Bara Kim for convincing me to utilize Instagram and managing my account. 

Thank you to my father & two sisters for going very far out of their way to come visit me in Chile this year.

& Thank you to Sebastián Fischer for many things.. among them always helping me move my paintings! 

I am very much looking forward to see what 2017 brings - I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!


"Migration" group show in Lo Barnechea, Santiago

"Migration" group show in Lo Barnechea, Santiago

At our open studio event at Studio K in Ñuñoa, Santiago

At our open studio event at Studio K in Ñuñoa, Santiago

The street fair by Bazaar Santiago in Orrego Luco, Providencia

The street fair by Bazaar Santiago in Orrego Luco, Providencia