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About the Artist

LENA McCARTHY is a Boston-born international muralist. She first began making street art in Santiago, Chile in 2016. Since then she has not ceased painting walls. She has adorned the walls of the Tobin School in Boston and collaborated on the Boys and Girls Club in Chelsea. Domestically, her work can be seen on walls throughout the greater Boston area in Allston, Dorchester, Cambridge, Framingham, Salem, Lynn, and in Queens, New York. Her repertoire ranges from arts centers to businesses to international mural festivals. She has painted in Latin America and most recently for the first all-women’s street art festival in Mumbai, India.

“Public art – street art – has changed my life. I’ve never felt more inspired to put something out into the world as when everyone can see and feel it’s rawness. What a gift to create.”

  When not painting big walls, she can be found in her studio, on a yoga mat, or outside somewhere!